Hurricanes, a force of nature

We live in an area surrounded by cities near the ocean, with tropical and subtropical climates susceptible to being impacted by hurricanes, typhoons, and tropical storms; this is why we need protection and security in the places that surround us.

Given the force of nature and the vulnerability of meteorological phenomena, it is important that people and communities take preventive measures in the face of a climatic disaster caused by heavy rains, hurricane-force winds, destructive winds, storms, and floods, etc.

The hurricane is the most severe stage of tropical storms, and the causes of its origin are quite diverse. In addition, when the faster the winds increase, the more dangerous it could be.

One of the characteristics is that winds can reach up to 150 miles per hour, becoming devastating due to the impact of the wind and the materials it drags, causing destruction and devastation in its path. It is also important to take into account the high humidity and rain load, which are other recurrent damages that hurricanes leave in their wake.

In recent years, they are more dangerous because cities or communities have grown exponentially and, in addition, they can produce heavy rains in the same place for a longer period of time, causing floods.

In the face of this possible danger, it is recommended to have the best protection and to guarantee the safety of our loved ones. The question is: why install hurricane doors and windows?

-They stop all kinds of projectiles: As they are made of high quality and resistant materials, they can stop any object that is thrown by the wind against your home or building, so neither the winds, rain nor any foreign object breaks into the property.

-They are permanent: Buying wood, installing it, and then uninstalling it or any other type of momentary protection, makes people decide to leave the property unprotected. By purchasing our doors and windows, you will be protected 24/7, every day of the year.

-Durable and reliable: Unlike other methods of hurricane protection, our doors and windows have a long life and the materials they are made of are trustworthy.

-Light and quiet: Our doors and windows provide natural light to the entire property, home, or office, but they also help reduce outside noise, a great insulator that contributes to providing peace to the interior of your property.

-Protection against intruders: Our doors are impact resistant and provide security and protection against any external agent.

Our main concern is your security and we want to offer you the best materials and protect your home. Visit our website and get all the information you need. Or make an appointment with one of our consultants who will provide you all the information you need.