Ocean Impact Doors



Our impact doors provide safety and security for families from both storms and intruders.

We provide installation for all types and styles of impact doors. Our installers have several years of hands on experience and we guaranteed our jobs will pass the most rigid codes of any Building department in Florida.

Stainless steel balances on the units and the coatings on the window hardware resist corrosion caused by sea air and salt spray. A unique snubber (located on the hinge side of Casement impact doors) holds the sash to the frame in winds up to 130 mph. After the storm, the snubber interlocks into the window again to make the unit functional.

Product testing was performed by an independent testing firm using air cannons. In the tests, a two-by-four piece of lumber, nine-feet long, weighing nine pounds, was shot at specific and varying parts of units at a rate of 50-feet per second. After the impacts, the units were then subjected to 9,000 cycles of combined positive and negative pressure. To pass the test, each unit subjected to these conditions needed to continue to function. The glass had to stay intact in the sash, and the Double Hung and Casement impact doors had to be operable.

Ocean Impact Sliding Door
Ocean Impact french Door

In addition, we provide impact door repair and damage services. We understand that if a door could be saved is better than buying a new door. Our goal is to save you time and money. We will recommend the best solution for your door requirements.

If you need installation services we will prepare pricing according to quantity, dimensions, and distance of job site. We have worked with all types of hurricane doors and we are prepared to complete your project with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.